RAS-8x2 is Still Available ... and a valuable addition to your station!

RAS-8x2 Receive Antenna Switching system for SO2R, M/S or M/2 (and M/M, too!)

Basic 8x2 — 8 antennas switched between two receivers, with preamp/filters

Custom configurations are available — just ask

Most past products are available upon request. Just send an e-mail to ask!

TRX-9 — 9:1 Receiving Antenna Transformer

TRX-16 — 16:1 Receiving Antenna Transformer

ISO-1 — Coax transmission line isolator

RIP-1 — Receiver Isolator/Protector

RIP-4 — 4-antenna version of RIP-1

PRE-1 — Remote-powered preamp, 1.8-4.5 MHz (160/80M)

PRE-2 — Remote-powered preamp, 1.8-8 MHz (160/80/40M)

AYL-4 — 4-way K9AY Loop System (with adjustable termination resistance)

...plus special order filters, power combiner/dividers







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